Oct 14, 2017 · This is not a WD issue. It can happen with a disc from any manufacturer. But this is not a problem with the disc at all. It’s all about the brand new APFS file system. At an early stage, there are usually some problems. In this case, the “Disk Utility” app could not correctly prepare the disk for APFS file system. After some time, this ...
Jul 30, 2005 · 2. Hold apple key + s key down after you hear the chime. (command + s on newer Macs) 3. When you get text prompt enter in these terminal commands to create a brand new admin account (hitting return after each line): mount -uw / rm /var/db/.AppleSetupDone shutdown -h now 4. After rebooting you should have a brand new admin account.

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I could not do a repair as it would not see the drives even though I put the manufactures disk in when asked. After replacing 2 corrupt files I was up and running again. This was a production machine that gets alot of use. Your utilities saved my but bigtime. Fred Reinhart USA Your NTFS4DOS disk saved me - best $4 I've ever spent! Thanks! Yariv H.
Formatting a Disk. Disks are typically formatted by the manufacturer or reseller. They usually do not need to be reformatted when you install the drive. A disk must be formatted before you can do the following: Write data to the disk. However, most disks are already formatted. Use the Oracle Solaris installation utility to install the system.

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I'm unable to erase my external drive and successfully mount the disk after erase. Here is the "erase" action log from Disk Utility default 17:18:43.103601 -0500 kernel hfs: late journal init: volume on disk2s2 is read-only and journal is dirty. Can not mount volume.
Nov 17, 2020 · Solution 4: Run FSCK command in Single User Mode 1. Restart your Mac and, before the Apple logo appears, hold down Command and S keys. This will boot your Mac into... 2. Type in: /sbin/fsck -fy 3. If you see "File system was modified", then re-type in the command again until you see "The volume ...

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Jan 29, 2020 · The startup disk is the main hard drive on your computer: the one that stores macOS and all your data. It’s not usually possible to erase the startup disk because your Mac is using it to run macOS. Recovery Mode is a special partition on your Mac you can use to restore from a backup, reinstall macOS, get online support, or erase your startup ...
The disk is originally in NTFS. Whenever I try to erase using Disk Utility after booting off USB Clover and then opening up Disk Utility inside... The reason for this is that these tools do more damage than good as they neither teach you what you're doing and can also damage macOS itself with unneeded...

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It can be used to securely wipe an entire hard drive or an attached external disk (IDE or SCSI), completely deleting all contents of the disk. Upon completion, you should be able to run DBAN from your USB device.
HardOCP Community Forum for PC Hardware Enthusiasts. dual opteron 6 core 24 bay supermicro server won't post after power down to install 14 tb drives

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Hey, so I rooted my Galaxy S7 edge exynos, and everything was great. However, when I boot into recovery, TWRP can't do anything. It says my memory is 0mb, and if I try to backup it says "cannot mount /data and unable to find crypto footer". I can restart my phone to system and everything works...
Jun 14, 2013 · Go to “First Aid” to verify and repair the disk, or go to “Erase” to format the disk Again, if the disk throwing the errors is the same as the primary boot partition that Recovery is also on, the above method may not work to resolve the problem. In that case, you’ll need to boot from a separate USB drive to fix the error.

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Jan 31, 2014 · It asked me to continue as admin, I click continue. It then runs, but suddenly stops and says access denied. I’m the fucking admin. I’m getting sick of this. this happened to my laptop before and Its still not fixed. what a system. I just ended up not able to delete the folder on my laptop. couldn’t find a solution at all.
Jul 30, 2007 · I am using Ubuntu bootable disk to delete the partition which has intalled Ubuntu. This is the only partition in my hard disk. The fdisk utility doest not respond to the command: “fdisk -l”, after sending this command, i get the command promp immediately below, without the system listing the partitions.

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"Could not mount disk1s2 after erase", and "Operation Failed". I can only partition the SSD on "ExFAT", but I can't load the operating system on ExFAT format. I've tried force erasing the disk via terminal but that too gives me error, and says "Could not mount disk1s2 after erase".
Aug 02, 2014 · Unable to erase or format disk I have had problems with this PC ever since I built it months ago. It is my first Windows PC so I'm still new to Windows and find it difficult to do the simplest things.

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I'm unable to erase my external drive and successfully mount the disk after erase. Here is the "erase" action log from Disk Utility default 17:18:43.103601 -0500 kernel hfs: late journal init: volume on disk2s2 is read-only and journal is dirty. Can not mount volume.
franl, when doing the dd command, the disk will grow up to the maximum size which was configured. After that, delete that file again and after that do VBoxManage modifyvdi compact. frank, I did exactly that. I'm seeing the same problem reported by others above. I'm trying the GParted trick (above) now.

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NOTE: The Security Options button in Disk Utility is not available when erasing an SSD or Fusion Drive as it is not possible to secure erase either type of drive. 2.1 Creating a new Fusion Drive Having deleted the existing Fusion Drive and secure erased the 1TB HDD, the final step is to create a new Fusion Drive.
Nov 07, 2017 · Hello everyone, I just go my Elements portable drive and I hooked it up to my Mac. I get the “Do you want to back up now” window and I proceed from there. I come to a point where it asks me if I want to erase drive (I think there was some verbiage that said formatting was needed to proceed). Anyways, I click erase and for some reason it did not go through. I noticed that in disk utility ...
Aug 06, 2019 · If the drive fails to show up in Disk Utility, this means that the computer does not detect the presence of the drive, and no software will be able to access it either. If possible, you could also try mounting the drive into an external enclosure and then see if the computer will detect the drive, we've seen this work in some cases.
Jul 18, 2001 · 6.23. How do I mount a multi-session disc? You mount a multi-session disc like any other CD-ROM. The normal behaviour for multi-session support is that the last session will be seen when you mount the disc. You will not see multiple partitions. If it does not work it could be for three reasons:
If after running First Aid the Mac finds errors you could fix you may see the option to Repair Disk. If you do, go ahead and run the repairs. 5: Change the drive format

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